Challenging The Creative Mind


Projects are a way to stay creatively motivated. It’s very easy, sometimes, to fall into a cycle of doing whatever comes to mind. Creative minds don’t like to have everything planned out. But they do like having goals. Therefore, I always have a set of goals – or in this case, themes – that we can build a project around. Some of my projects are based around a fictional narrative (like “Falsely Accused”). Others are simply ongoing challenges. Some of these images are contained within my portfolio. But I am sharing my projects in a complete catalog for your enjoyment.

Images That Speak Without Words

No Words Project

n this on-going photography project, I strive for simplicity. I am working exclusively in black-and-white and a 1:1 ratio. With each of these photos, I am looking to create a simple composition by exploring shape, form and space. And of course, as the name implies, none of these photos will have a description, or even a title. They are simply numbered, starting over at the beginning of each year.

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A Fictional Self Portrait Series

Falsely Accused Project

A man is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But things start to get really strange when he is transferred to a private interment facility where he appears to be the only inmate. Further, the facility is absent of any signs of life aside from food and water that occasionally appears. As he tries to figure out the best way to escape, the Falsely Accused grows more and more insane. This project features the incredible Eastern State Penitentiary.

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One Man's Home Is Another Man's Hell

Hospitality Project

Hospitality is an exercise in sarcasm. The premise for this project was developed when I sarcastically suggested that the quality of the facilities at a decaying building would challenge any five-star resort on the planet. Each photo is designed to mimic the facilities and accommodations photos found on any hospitality website. This is essentially an urban exploration project and I rarely get to explore these days. So I hope to add to this project in the future, but I don’t expect to update this project very frequently.

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